Quiet Biarritz hotel close to the main beach

The Saint Charles Hotel is ideally located in a quiet, residential quarter of town, off the centre of Biarritz, just 500m from the main beach, virtually on the same avenue as the Grand Palace Hotel.

Built in 1893 by Gustave Huguenin, the same architect who built the famous Chateau d’Ilbarritz, overlooking the Milady beach, the Villa Saint Charles, was slowly converted to a Hotel over the years.

The Hotel Saint Charles has maintained the elegance of the romantic era, with its colonial style front balcony, overlooking the garden, the centennial Magnolia tree and the numerous Platane trees, that give shade to the garden and make it a timeless place in which to relax.

The Hotel is run by a British subject, a former Petroleum Engineer, who one day decided to forego the adventurous life of the Asian and Far Eastern platforms, to settle down in Biarritz. This lover of the Basque Country and its rugged Atlantic Coast shoreline, will give you all the pertinent information on the best restaurants and trendy places to visit, in the region.

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